Small spacing between the LED display market advantage analysis

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-03
With low light and high ash technical barriers, such as crack, small spacing LED display market gradually opens the indoor application. In the commercial field, small spacing LED screen for information release, business and conference room is also increasing. Mainstream commercial display technology compared to the current in the field of indoor commercial display, application more technology mainly include LCD splicing, large size single display, LED screen and small spacing pieces, its main features are as follows: through the contrast can be seen, small spacing LED screen has no flat-fell seam, colour is better, in areas such as service life of significant advantages, but the price is not its advantages, so more appropriate in the indoor high-end business applications. In recent years, the explosive growth of the commercial market demand drove the indoor and the rapid development of large size display technology, but also accelerate the competition between several kinds of technology camp. Compared with other display technologies, LED display as illuminated the product type, small spacing in brightness, power consumption, life, the respect such as colour has advantaged advantage. Compared with liquid crystal splicing, the no flat-fell seam features can meet the user integrity strict requirements for the picture. And compared with the single LCD screen, small spacing of LED screen and has better application flexibility, able to complete some single display of special-shaped display task very hard, so in recent years its application in the field of indoor commercial display case is also growing. In a shop window, such as subway station, restaurant advertising screen information published applications, the user demand for display device is facing a new round of development boom. According to HIS research agency expects the advertising as the main purpose of the display device used by 2018 will achieve more than $6 billion of revenue, wide prospect of market. With small spacing of LED display performance boost and a gradual decline in manufacturing costs, its increasingly get the favour of indoor areas of commercial market users. , on the other hand, along with the global companies boost demand for collaborative office, business meeting rooms display device not only have a greater demand on size, on the display precision and effect also had a more high-end application requirements, to some extent, this will weaken small spacing LED screen cost disadvantage. No matter in the field of commercial information release, or corporate meeting rooms, small spacing of LED display in the race for the display with LCD splicing, monomer is playing an increasingly important role. In performance and price down to a combination of factors, such as, small spacing LED screen in the field of commercial application advantages will also growing, the indoor commercial prospect.
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