Small knowledge - full color LED display LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
, is accorded wide-ranging emphasis in recent years, full-color LED display and get rapid development, and it itself has the advantages of are inseparable. These advantages are: generalizing small cracks, assembled at random, high brightness, stable operation, long service life. LED development prospect is very broad, for now, the LED is moving toward a higher brightness, higher resistance to climate, higher luminous density, higher luminescence uniformity, direction, then the following will introduce some knowledge of the display screen. 1, the classification of the display screen LED display by using the environment can be divided into indoor LED display, outdoor LED display, outdoor LED display screen indoor area generally never to 1 square meters to more than a dozen square meters, the point density is higher, used in direct sunlight or lamplight illume environment, viewing distance within a few metres away, screen does not have waterproof sealing ability. Half between both outdoor and indoor outdoor screen, which has high luminous intensity, can be used in not under the direct sunlight outdoors, screen has certain seal, generally in the eaves or in a window. 2, synchronous control card and the asynchronous control card synchronously is refers to the LED display basic equivalent to the workings of a computer monitor, it takes at least 30 games every bits of bit/SEC update rate corresponding to the images on the computer monitor real-time mapping, often have many shades of gray show ability, can achieve multimedia advertising effect. Asynchronous refers to the LED screen has the ability of storage and automatic playing, editing good words and no grayscale images in PC via a serial port or network interface to other LED screen, and then by LED offline automatic playback, generally no more than grayscale display ability, is mainly used to display text messages, can screen connected to the Internet. 3, display the installation method of embedded: equipped with steel structure on the wall, and then supported by steel structure embedded outdoor full-color LED display, mainly is the installation site is building external wall. Lifting type: the main is to use good steel structure design, the outdoor LED screen hanging on the structure. Generally, the stage without walls rely on using outdoor, in the case of temporary using outdoor LED display, hoisting way obvious advantages. Terraced: mainly on the steps of facade installation double color or full color LED display, such as high density of LED screen, viewing distance is in commonly 3 meters away there will be a better effect. Pillar type: as there is no wall or available points around, pillar type installation of steel structure of the demand is higher, is the most common way of installation. Such as beside the highway outdoor advertising screen most in this way. Wall: general is a stress points on the wall, hang the outdoor LED full color on the wall, use the wall as a fixed support.
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