SM74HC138 3- 8 decoder

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-05
Overview SM74HC138 is a high-speed CMOS device, pin compatible with low power schottky TTL ( LSTTL) Series. There are three address data input (SM74HC138 A0, A1, A2) And eight effective decoding for low output end ( Y0— 日元) ; There are three can make control side (SM74HC138 1 e, 2 e, 3 e) When 1 e, 2 e for low level and 3 e for high electricity at ordinary times, eight decoding output is decoded output, or eight decoding output will all high. SM74HC138 usually applied to a single three eight decoding output of 3 - address data input 8 decoder, can also according to enable signal characteristics in two SM74HC138 realize four address 4-16 decoding data input and output 16 decoder, enabling end to unused in the application of effective output can make level in the decoding. SM74HC138 is mainly used in consumer electronics. Features that using CMOS process u working voltage, low power consumption. 3. 0V— 5. 0 vu packaging forms: SOP16 application field is suitable for digital circuit of 3 - 8 decoding function
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