Six advantages of outdoor led display

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-02
Outdoor Led display in outdoor advertisement carrier in recent years the proportion of more and more big. Shock effect, energy conservation, environmental protection, long service life is congenital advantage this product. Powerful giant choi tickets at the Beijing international airport. The project USES a powerful giant colour PH20 outdoor full-color LED display series, a total area of 1200 square meters, with 346 highlighted the big screen tube core has the characteristics of high brightness, big Angle of view, at the same time fully application of high brightness point correction technology and high efficiency and energy saving technology to make it compared with other conventional LED outdoor screen can save 50% energy cost. So what are the advantages for the outdoor LED display to the end? The following mainly summed up as six points. 1. Strong visual impact sound size, verbal persuasion and draw one LED advertising can omni-directional actuation audience senses, effectively convey information to guide consumption. 2. Coverage of outdoor LED display is generally installed installation at the mall traffic was concentrated area. Through the communication with the user communities high frequency, an urge to motivate consumers to buy, increase brand awareness. 3. Release time long outdoor LED advertising can all play. Easier for the audience to see, can better guide potential customers to the crowd, the merchants with less cost to achieve better publicity. 4. Audience dislike rate low outdoor LED advertising can live through technology, real and timely to broadcast more audience. Including project, column, variety, animation, radio, TV, etc. , rich in content, avoid the advertisement audience consciously take the initiative to avoid touch barrier. 5. Energy conservation and environmental protection LED display is LED light-emitting component, LED by single star power is low, general is 0. 04 ~ 0. 08 w, low power for several times, the effect is much better. LED display its material is to use environmental protection material, belongs to the type can be recycled, not because of the extensive use of environmental pollution and destruction. 6. Release information easily through cable connection or wireless communication and computer connection, set in the computer, you can release the contents of advertisements, convenient and fast. Other advantages: 1, short response time. To adapt to the frequent switch and high frequency operation. 2, long service life. Under the condition of normal use life can reach 100000 hours. 3, high safety. Use the low voltage dc power supply voltage, normal working voltage of 5 v. 4, stable performance: ten years normal use scrap rate very small; Normal use 5 years without maintenance. That is about outdoor LED display advantage. Believe that with the LED display technology constantly breakthroughs, outdoor LED display will be in the direction of intelligent, environmental protection, energy conservation, full color development. Powerful giant color LED display.
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