Single color LED display how to insert images?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-04
Many friends distress can only be used when using single color LED display text, unable to import the pictures. The monochrome screen is support the imported images, but more strict to the requirement of image, because do not support the grayscale, so can only use transparent bottom pictures to show. Process might be a bit tedious, I will try to detail. First of all, we create a new test. Screen and set this won't be the detail, you should know that. And then we add a file. This file is put the picture. The next step is to find the picture, this can go to baidu image search stuff they want. I search for the lantern. He found a more complex picture. Must be transparent bottom pictures, if you find can be used directly, if you can't find his treatment. I recommend the ps processing software because I didn't find the picture of the transparent bottom, then can only import ps inside the line processing. Use the wand tool, click on the white area to delete. This is very simple. Note that the white area to remove clean, or import the time display will not correct. To complete the image processing. Ps transparent grey is the use of small square to say, the image processing to this is the best I can. Ready pictures must be chosen to save note save format with ( png) Format. If save other formats may be can't use import screen. Under the direct import software can finish!
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