Show you understand - full color LED display screen LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
Full-color LED display advertising, as the main carrier of information broadcasting, full-color LED display is the network media and the combination of science and technology, they can put the trend, fantasy, science and technology, fashion these things perfect show come out, now most of the market circulation of outdoor full-color LED display, are already using the mask design, make the LED light do zero reflection, to ensure that the screen display effect, we have a lot of excellent products, P10 display outdoor products, this product USES the high quality of chips, more grey scale, color soft look more natural, clear image quality is exquisite, in structure, is all some circuit components, the mutual splicing unit board, some unit board is LED back plate, in the above shows light, brightness is more reasonable and suitable for the use of being stable, go on. Full color LED display screen not only high brightness, contrast, bright colors, and can display dynamic picture and text, function besides outdoor advertising, still can release information, enrich people's cultural entertainment life, is the audience favorite information media.
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