Shine - Canton fair on the LED display screen Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
The China import and export fair the guangzhou trade fair, or Canton fair, the English called Canton fair, founded in the spring of 1957, in the Canton fair held in guangzhou during the spring and autumn every year, is currently the longest history, highest level, China's largest, most complete items, most merchants, clinch a deal the effect of the best comprehensive international trade event. On April 15, in the morning, in the drizzle in the 123th China import and export commodities fair (in guangzhou Hereinafter referred to as the 'Canton fair') The opening of the. And soft module cylindrical products, indoor small spacing, indoor and outdoor full color are stunning appearance guangzhou pazhou convention and exhibition center. The exhibition, I display company attracted a large number of overseas friends see, they stand there in front of the screen for a long time, to inspect discussion. Nearly two years, LED display screen as a project of hot plate, has become the exhibition 'regulars', we also it is not hard to see in the exhibition site, whether it is a LED display, LED display or peripheral equipment enterprises, is to bring the current popular security monitoring, intelligent transportation integrated experience in the field of small spacing LED products, bring the audience a wonderful visual feast, also means that the LED product development peak again small spacing. Technology co. , LTD, is a good supplier of LED products, LED display company of small spacing for its super clean, low ash, and the advantages of wide color gamut, easy calibration become customers of choice. Product sales are booming, after by many users across the country. And the same high-profile of indoor and outdoor full-color displays and my company. Technology co. , LTD. To provide indoor LED display products, not only low quantity of heat, low noise, low radiation, but also can be set to the wall inside, enjoy flat screen view. The thickness of the installation only 8 cm, as a result of such fashion concise appearance, and display nicely metope installed, to streamline space. And full color outdoor display screen has been one of the company's main products, the company integrating scientific research, development, production, engineering, and has a high-quality scientific research team, committed to the development of the application in the field of photoelectric photoelectric products and services, is committed to provide customers with design, production, installation, maintenance, all-round integration solutions, effectively reduce the overall cost, so as to create more value for customers. Here will have to mention soft module column. Soft module, LED display is thin, light weight, small volume, high pixel density, bending surface and low installation cost characteristics can be shown, which can realize all kinds of requirements in the shape of the screen offers a variety of screen size, clarity, and can also be in accordance with the purpose to design value features ( Contrast, color, mixed color, etc. ) The color arrangement. LED soft module different screen junction surface is different from the traditional LED display, the traditional PCB is fiberglass material, and the flexible module is equipped with high strength of the lock and link device, using the flexible insulating base material made of a flexible FPC PCB, adopt rubber masks and pan, have high strength ability of compressive strength and distortion. Exhibited the Canton fair, the strength of the company's many high-end LED display products, let more overseas customers understand the product, small spacing full color indoor and outdoor screen and the unique advantages of soft module, embodies the strength of well in the overseas markets. In 2019, invite you meet Canton fair again, meet 2019!
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