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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
Shenzhen full-color LED display price is the best choice is, you know what are the main materials in full-color LED display? The small make up for you a simple introduction about the applied to display LED luminescent material has the following several forms: (1) LED lamp Or single lamp) Generally LED by a single chip, reflective glass, metal anode, metal cathode, outsourcing has pervious to light focusing ability of epoxy resin shell. Can use one or more ( Different color) Single light constitute a basic pixel, due to their high brightness, more for outdoor display. (2) the LED dot matrix module consists of several chip light-emitting matrix, with epoxy encapsulated in a plastic case. Suitable for scanning drive, easy to constitute a high density of display screen, used for indoor display. (3) the patch type LED lamp ( Or SMDLED) Is LED lamp post weld forms of packaging, can be used for indoor full color display screen, which can realize a single point of maintenance, effectively overcome the Mosaic phenomenon. Was widely attention and got rapid development, and it itself has the advantage of inseparable. These advantages in summary is: high brightness, low work voltage, low consumption, large scale, long life, impact resistance and stable performance. LED the development prospect is very broad, is moving toward a higher brightness, higher resistance to climate, higher luminous density, higher luminescence uniformity, reliability, full color direction. Display screen is widely used in sports venues, commercial applications, bank, securities, postal, wharf, shopping malls, railway stations, postal, telecommunications, organs, monitor, school, restaurant, hotel, entertainment, different outdoor places, such as advertising, Russia in 2013 universiade with full color LED display screen smooth and exquisite in 25 LouYuBing real-time broadcast. Conventional type of full-color LED display is mainly adopts steel structure install screen fixed in one place. Main common there is a large single mast outdoor LED advertising screen, as well as the station installed on the wall to play trains information of single and double color LED display, etc. Associated with full-color LED display more information in, if you want to know shenzhen full-color LED display price, welcome to inquire.
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