Shenzhen electronics co. , LTD. Using range of LCD module

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-18
LCD module of is more and more widely used in various fields, which is specific to industry, we illustrate some application object slightly: industrial class ( Equipment instrumentation, such as ph meter, PM2. 5 detector, laser cutting machine) Civilian consumer ( Such as a laser range finder, the Internet health tracking kindergarten infrared thermometer) Smart watches, smart bracelet, electronic cigarettes, 3 d printers, medical equipment, electronic password cabinet lock, desktop machine hanging consumption, LED fault alarm, the motor drive, mu harvester test instrument, GPS area measuring instrument, electronic price computing scale, street lamp monitoring and control system, temperature controller, punch machine, reverse driving records, smart locks, electric meter, electric pumps, bicycle recorder interphone, children's learning machine, authority comments heating monitor and recreational products, GPRS voice consumption machine, 485 / network access control machine, sewing machine, monitor lightningproof combiner, meter box, industrial measurement instrumentation unmanned aerial vehicles, platform scale instrument, mu meter on a: MCU - in the LCD module 51 microcontroller next: how much is the temperature of the liquid crystal display module?
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