Shawn yue wedding wedding must not - without it LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
December 5 in the afternoon, shawn yue abruptly announced her engagement on weibo, and attach photos for love conversation: 'at the right time, meet the right person, thank god put her best in the best of times, I will bring happiness to you, I will take good care of you. 'Microblogging topic burst, many netizens have brokenhearted, send blessings on the microblog. Has 36, shawn yue, and finally wait until the right person to walk into the palace of the marriage together. The bride is the Wang Tangyun dating him for a long time, looks like a sweet, charming, two people very match. In an emotional wedding scene, shawn yue as many fans and friends male god peng also attended, the scene with the bride tongue show MOE, big play jokes. Not only that, many brands have also give out a blessing in weibo, the most let people admire the durex, in weibo after an hour, shawn yue durex is quickly ceng heat topic tweeting, issued a 'ALe, choose today is for this reason? '. May be many people still don't understand the terrier, actually this stems from the movie 'chun jiao and zhi Ming, the movie, starring shawn yue and Miriam yeung chi Ming with an upside down in the movie I miss u to spring jiao. Besides durex, available, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi 's China, iQIYI, even the golden arowana, WeiLong food, qiaqia food these everyday objects, haier household appliances brands, are on their own unique message. But it was at the scene of the wedding, everyone often are used to a product, which is LED display. A good LED display, can make the wedding more atmosphere, fashion, increase the atmosphere of the wedding. Science and technology co. , LTD. ( Headquarters) Located in shenzhen baoan district shajing, has a modern research and development base and a high-quality scientific research team, committed to the optoelectronic field of application of radio, film and television industry development and service of the product. In company many years of development, has summed up the various site solution, including professional stage rental solutions. LED display, and can be combined with background of the stage, bar, entertainment, conference and exhibition, the use of important occasions such as weddings, rapid installation and removal. It is worth mentioning that the LED has no fan of patent design, no noise, low power consumption can be in - 30 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ temperature range use, fully meet your requirements.
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