Shanxi p6 indoor full color led display suppliers - for shenzhen LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
Shanxi p6 indoor full color led display suppliers for shenzhen, referred to as 'jin, Shanxi Province, located in north China, the taihang mountains in the east, as in the west of the taihang mountains, therefore calls in Shanxi Province. The provincial capital, taiyuan, in ancient times is also called 'bing'. Shanxi Province has a total area of 15. Of China's total area of 6 square kilometers, about 1. 6%. To the state of jin during the spring and autumn period, most of the region, so the 'jin' for short; The early warring states period, han, zhao, wei, jin three points, and therefore is also called 'SanJin'. Shanxi is one of the cradles of the Chinese nation is known as the 'cradle of Chinese civilization'. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, especially in more than 20 years of reform and opening-up, the shanxi people under the leadership of the party, the solidarity, hard work, innovation, promote the economic and social development in an all-round way. As an energy source base, shanxi has made important contributions to national economic development of the cooperation, after more than 20 days of unremitting efforts to this piece of P6 indoor full color led display complete installation and commissioning work. Learned, P6 indoor full color led display is the current domestic advanced indoor display, clear background images, can deeper into the theme of each program and style, can also cooperate with different program presents colorful effect, show the power. The display screen is characteristic of LED display products in one of the most popular products. High brightness, big Angle of view, control, display brightness, high definition, small heat, dust, can make it easy for its response to the changeable weather outdoor environment. High refresh rate ( 600 - 20000Hz) And deep gray processing, bring higher quality display effect; Equipped with bright color calibration system to ensure the uniformity of the brightness of the product protection chromaticity, guarantee showing perfect; The concept of product design to follow the simple and easy maintenance, the use of modular, redundancy design, convenient maintenance. At the same time can also be before and after the two-way maintenance; In addition the use of a large number of connectors, reduces the maintenance tools in the process of demand. With good brand image, excellent product quality, rich product line and professional service, the products are widely recognized and accepted by the national market, at present the national basic everywhere all have our classic case, if you also have a crush on the p6 indoor full color led display screen, contact us quickly.
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