Shaanxi yulin water park P10 outdoor full-color LED display - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
Shaanxi yulin water park, installed a 60 square, outdoor full-color LED display pixel spacing of 10 mm, build first-class water fun world. The screen screen flatness is wonderful, the refresh rate is high, the switch is smooth, exquisite as if to see real picture. Shaanxi yulin water park this P10 outdoor full-color LED display, because the program installed in the water park, so the customer demand for products waterproof is very high, the customer consulting many display manufacturer in shenzhen, finally chose to display manufacturers, product water proofing property is extremely high, suitable for being, stable, and the products the picture clear and soft, have strong stability and good heat dissipation function at the same time, many users to win the market, outdoor LED display has become the indispensable media advertising equipment, but also key elements of science and technology of the construction of the urban development. LED display from the iron box to die-casting aluminum case, more and more light weight, more and more beautiful appearance, also more and more reasonable structure, higher precision, realize seamless splicing.
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