Shaanxi yulin JinJuTuan lease full-color led display new appearance - Chinese opera - high-tech collocation Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
Shaanxi yulin JinJuTuan lease full-color led display, new appearance, you don't have to worry about under the light can't see, also removes troupe multifarious scenery props. Time can also be set, of arbitrary switching back and forth tour can be quickly assembled in less than 30 minutes, this is the power of high-tech, everything in the past fantasy has become reality. It is said that the group has a long history, many actors and the foundation of singing jinzhong yangko. A few years ago, the group's cantata is the most busy busy, and have had serious rehearsal. Typically dressing, which in turn played cantata, kelsi transformation form, etc. Because it is said that the group staff hard working, play the price is not high, and with the customer, try our best to meet customer needs, even if only two performances, also try to meet customer needs. In particular the regiment cappella group is very serious, feeling giving a person is simple, really, hard, seriously. The group representative plays 'swim west lake', 'the third son, for the father', 'butcher scholar', 'the hedong', 'the king of the squire, please', 'games edge', 'top media, such as the signing, shaanxi yulin JinJuTuan is also very seriously, special industry, the audience is very fussy, full-color led display display requirements especially under strong light point-blank, and the frequency of the national tour is more, the quality requirements are very high, waterproof and dustproof, heat dissipation, etc. 。 。 。 。 More important is the highest cost performance, to deep many days has been to find the right partner in my heart, an accidental opportunity came to work in the enterprises to carry out inspection instruction, signed at the first sight, and science and technology, after 10 days of hard hard work, in the New Year before the arrival of full-color led display, the success of the installation, the screen not only facilitate the relocation of mobile, and can be quickly assembled combination, can be adjusted according to the volume of stage large screen size, quality is very good, collision, anti-static, lightweight, low power consumption, simply don't see assembled marks, completely is a piece of natural led large screen, long distance move completely without any problem. What are you waiting for? How to install a full-color led display, you trust the brand. !
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