Select - stage full-color led display rental housing Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
As people appreciate level rise, some of the common convention and performances have to remove the background, instead more striking visual full-color led screen to display, hd picture perfect audio-visual, everything is so fantastic. Then how do you know which they are operating? Where did you buy is the full color led display? Where China is specializing in the production of the screen, how can achieve the highest ratio of choice? How convenient transportation in daily use mobile? How to quickly assembled when installation stage? Now as the personage inside course of study for you about the first domestic production of led display well-known manufacturers are gathered in the pearl river delta region, there is a complete supply chain system, to the cell from an IC chip board, power supply, receiving card, etc the whole link is everything, but the product quality is the best area is the shenzhen rock. Rock not only has the industry listed companies and many small and medium-sized suppliers, has a high cost performance. Specific product transportation problem is usually some case to test good screen divided into many small pieces, each box is quickly splicing, and splicing of the gap is very small, in the process of watching, is simply don't see stitching marks on the strength of the manufacturers have the requirements, the product accuracy is higher, not only conducive to splice and durable here, to show you the commonly used some rental housing. If you have needs, can call the hotline for counseling, 4008 - 368 - 386 as a dark horse of the led display industry we still have a lot of own technology always welcome your call!
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