SCM - in the LCD module 51 single chip microcomputer

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-18
Single chip microcomputer ( 微控制器) Is a kind of integrated circuit chips, is to use very large scale integrated circuit technology with data processing ability of the central processor CPU, RAM, RAM, read-only memory ROM, a variety of I/O mouth and interrupt system, timer/counter function (such as May include display driver circuit, pulse width modulation circuit, analog multiplexer and A/D converter circuit) Integrated into a silicon wafer that constitutes a small and perfect microcomputer system, widely used in industrial control field. Since the 1980 s, by the time of the four, 8-bit microcontroller, development to the present 300 m high speed single chip microcomputer. The structure and function of 51 single-chip microcomputer basic functions: 1. 8-bit data bus, 16 bits CPU address bus; 2. Has the Boolean processing capacity and processing power; 3. The harvard structure, program memory and data memory address space, independently to facilitate programming; 4. Same address 64 KB of program memory and 64 KB data memory; 5. 0 - 8 KB on chip program memory ( 8031, 8051 8052 4 KB, 8 KB, 89 c55 20 KB) ; 6. 128 bytes in the data memory ( 8051 there are 256 bytes) ; 7. 32 two-way and who can be addressing the I/O lines; 8. Two 16 bit timer/counter, 8052 there are 3) ; 9. A full duplex serial I/O interface; 10. Interrupt structure of multiple interrupt sources, has two interrupt priority; 11. On-chip oscillator clock. Features: 1. With microprocessor ( CPU) As the core; 2. Through the three bus connection between CPU and other components. Bus: refers to serve multiple parts of information transmission line on a: LCD display industry development present situation analysis of individual into the future trend of the next: electronic co. , LTD. Company introduction
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