Outdoor solid loading in the development of new trend - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-27
A, solid market growth is positive, enterprise development orientation machine at present, the LED solid loading screen market potential is tremendous, according to relevant data shows that in 2016 the domestic LED display solid loading of domestic LED display market in 83. 4%, the overall market is about 24. 1 billion yuan, is expected to 2018 solid loading of domestic LED display market scale will reach 29. 1 billion yuan, 2015 - 2018 years, the domestic LED display market annual growth rate for eight solid. 72%. Solid market growth is positive, grasp the new development opportunity. Development of new products, carry emerging technologies. Better to interact with users to strengthen the user experience, etc. , and constantly open up new markets. Second, outdoor LED display small spacing of fixation of the era of digital LED display market, small spacing LED display is the focus of attention. While in small space LED to rise as an opportunity to expand into outdoor display market, but also become the LED display enterprise important strategic layout. Small spacing of the continuous development of the technique and technology mature, outdoor LED display products from P20, P16 fixation, P10, P8 began to constant small spacing, universal application requirements to meet the different occasions. Bus station, for example, with the wisdom of the city, is the bus stop is expected to gradually into the era of intelligence. Will combine LED display and the bus system, composed of powerful electronic bus platform. Public transport intelligent dispatching system can record the vehicle's running time, location and the distance of the car before and after, and can see the car number by video system, so we can make proper adjustment if necessary, make the vehicle more reasonable. Three new atmosphere, graphic outdoor media technology by leaps and bounds, the city's outdoor advertising is developing toward diversification. Outdoor media industry is rapidly evolve, traditional forms of advertising has been changed dramatically. We look forward to have more intelligent highly targeted and measurable evaluation of advertising activities, enrich our life. Future outdoor media in technology will inevitably further driven by innovation. Mature LED display technology and new high-tech, will bring us more exciting surprises.
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