Outdoor LED display three protection standards _ screens to cope with bad weather

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-28
Outdoor LED display is now LED display the coffin widely applied fields. Area is large, display effect. At the same time in order to better propaganda effect, usually more than the roof installation, roads open areas without sunscreen. Because the area is large and in the open state, LED display faces huge environmental challenges. Often have to face the strong winds, heavy rain, hail and other extreme weather. Therefore various protective indicators and protective equipment in the display is quite important. The following will introduce outdoor LED display shall meet the indicators. 1. LED display IP protection grade requirements are typically installed outdoor LED display area is larger, and mostly installed in personnel intensive place, so it is important to pay special attention to the screen protection grade, especially typhoon often log in the southeast coastal areas. It want to consider the solid foundation of steel structure design, wind load, waterproof, dustproof, moisture, and many other factors, protection grade in IP6IP5 and above, prolong the service life of display, enhancing reliability. 2. LED display lightning protection standards for lightning protection, LED the main body and the shell to have a good grounding measures, and according to the display screen is independent setting, or attached in building external wall considering its grounding form respectively. At the same time, in the outdoor LED display electronic integration is high, the sensitivity against interference requirements also more and more high, in order to try to weaken the electromagnetic interference usually should be installed on the screen and building lightning protection devices. 3. LED display high temperature heat dissipation work outdoor LED display would produce a certain quantity of heat, if the environment temperature and heat dissipation, the LED chip and integrated circuit may not work properly, and even destroyed, so that the LED display system cannot work normally, so usually outdoor LED display screen to add a cooling fan or air conditioning label, especially for the need for a long time work in the high temperature of subtropical and tropical areas for screen.
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