Outdoor led display technology parameters

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-25
Domestic LED display development for more than ten years, it presents the polarized state, market competition pressure. Many small factories to reduce costs price war, the use of inferior lamp bead, IC board, etc. Lead to market it enrich plenty of cheap low-quality display. By the end of 2015 there are thousands of LED display production, and into the size of the insufficient hundreds. In the LED display of purchase, installation, maintenance costs are relatively high. And the professional and strong, users often don't know how to discern the stand or fall of display screens. I compiled for everybody below 10 points about the technical parameters of LED display. Want the user to have a reference when buy. 1. Definition: according to the best viewing distance point to determine the screen area, resolution is 40000 pixels/m2 for 5 - the best distance 50 meters; Using the most advanced 16-bit data interface, further improve the clarity of the picture. 2. Brightness: screen design in more than 2500 CD/m2 brightness, not only can assure indoor full color LED display is normal when using color fidelity, image is clear, and can ensure that the LED display tubes attenuation under the condition of more than 30% have enough brightness and video images of bright color. The refresh rate: between the processor and the screen body is made of super five types of twisted-pair shielded wire, high-performance control IC, can design high refresh rate screen in ≧ 1000 hz, in order to ensure that when the video playback without water ripple and flashing, full digital low dissipation, resistance to electromagnetic interference. Power supply and signal transmission way: because of the importance of full-color LED display, so the power supply and signal transmission to special treatment on the technology, using high quality level of military connector design. Further in the connector control failure caused by different kinds of pull the lift. 3. Control mode: choose the independent design of control system, and on 240 hours of uninterrupted electrical aging filter, and then choose the highly reliable control system. And on the control mode with double redundant heat backup, once appear problem by another line access immediately, continue to work normally, the smooth connection. 4. Raw material: LED display all the raw materials are choose famous brand high-quality products, the main LED lights to choose high quality LED lights. 5. Level 3 products aging process: first, the module of automated assembly line production electricity 24 hours aging, then 48 hours on a single box electricity aging, finally simulation finished assembly at the scene display electricity aging 72 hours straight, after they are qualified to arrived at the scene seat assembly. 6. Quality control: all products in strict accordance with ISO9001 - 2000 quality certification system files for product manufacturing. ( See quality certificate) , will be in strict accordance with the waterproof grade IP65 test, achieve completely waterproof effect. LED display installation and debugging: strictly according to the design scheme of LED display installation and debugging, installation level reaches more than class C ( LED display is installed the highest level) 。 7. The leading system software ( Prepare to screen and application) : with the Windows xp operating system and provided support for Microsoft Windows series of new products. All applications for Windows operating platform and friendly interface. Player software is rich in the clock function, it can show the current date, the current time, and time synchronization of computer display simulation clock, the clock can be also can be a digital clock. Threads software is installed with advanced technology, can multithreaded played when player software text, animation, clock, photos, audio, etc. 8. Perfect system function design, Prepare to screen and application) : this system can meet the assembly, performance, and advertising on TV broadcast. This project LED display system with multimedia, multi-channel, can real time transmission of high-speed communications, data and video interface can be easily introduces a variety of information sources in the form of the computer network system, to achieve unified control of all kinds of audio and video input. 9. Video playback function can show true color dynamic video image: high fidelity on closed-circuit television, satellite television; A variety of video signal input/output interface: composite video, video (Y/C S_Video) 、YpbPr、VGA( RGBHV) 、DVI、HDMI、、SDI( HDSDI) ; Can high fidelity broadcast video recorder, VCD, VCD、DVD、LD) Such as video programs; Have on the video image superposition character, animated and static images, and other functions; By editing the equipment can realize panorama, close-up, slow motion, and special effects such as real-time editing and broadcasting functions. Brightness, contrast, saturation and chroma can be regulated through software, the adjusting range is for grade 256; With functions of image freeze; A video superposition ( VGA+Video) , image ( Video) And VGA display mode; With horizontal/vertical position compensation function; With functions of display synchronization. 10. Computer graphic information broadcast function can display a variety of computer information, text, graphics, pictures, and second, the three dimensional animation: broadcast has rich, display scroll, notification, slogans, etc. , large capacity of storage data information. The screen body can open multiple Windows, according to the calendar, clock, air flow line text. There are many Chinese font and font to choose from, also can input English, Spanish, French, German, Latin, Greek, Japanese and Russian, and many other foreign language. Broadcast system with multimedia software, flexible input and broadcast a variety of information. Broadcast way around a scroll, rolling up and down, left and right drive, drive up and down, diagonal drive, diffusion, fan type, rotation, scaling and so on more than 20 kinds. Through the network connection, network data information. To equipped with a network interface, and computer networking, sharing network resources, has a standard audio signal output interface to audio and video synchronization.
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