Outdoor led display screen three characteristics is what? Suitable for a variety of installation

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Led outdoor displays a lot of people know, everyone know, mainly because the use scope is broad, the other function also has many characteristics, the presence of these features, makes this product more trust and liking, mainly for everybody below detail is led outdoor display screen three characteristics is what? To follow I began to understand together. 1, speed of led outdoor display screen has fast response speed, various size of item seamless splicing, modular maintenance, at the same time have a more uniform color, high-definition clear, normal use won't appear abnormal problems such as sweat stain, bright line, and the scene soft degree is high, won't appear frequently flashing a series of problems. 2, high contrast, outdoor led display even in the condition of black screen can also show good blackness, is now the same products, also can undertake connect seamlessly, the screen can also be real restore color, play a more natural when more clear. Problems 3, easy to maintenance repairs led display even with one or two years also won't appear what problem, but also can appear some maintenance problems during use, so on maintenance operation more simple, effect is better, this says on the market by faith. Finally remind everybody to buy big manufacturer normal manufacturer production of the device. For outdoor led display screen three characteristics have to introduce that what is, in addition also has the characteristics of is suitable for a variety of installations, occupied space is small, and really is no weight, not easy to occur during use glance what problem. Full color led display cost is affected by the control system
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