Outdoor LED display project budget - composed of what the project cost LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
Before decide to do LED display project, is to do a detailed budget report, in the report must specify is indoor or outdoor, because in a different position, the project cost is completely different. Like outdoor LED display project budget, then is basically composed of the following four types of engineering cost: 1, the basis of engineering cost the so-called foundation is the LED display fixed construction foundation engineering. The engineering price structure: backfill earthwork excavation, concrete, reinforced materials and machinery, such as artificial cost. This part of the offer is based on the volume of earthwork, concrete units, namely yuan/square, reinforced by weight for the quotation unit, namely yuan/ton, the construction of artificial in number of days for quoting unit, namely, yuan/man-days. General valuation can be unified for the reinforced concrete, the volume of the valuation can appraisal in 700-1000 yuan between, volume price is lower. Based the volume according to the experience of general civil is roughly equal, and the top of the screen area for example, 40 square screen the general based volume probably about 40 square. 2, strong or weak electric wiring project cost and weak electric wiring of the outdoor LED display project cost construction include: cable, pipeline trough, the installation of pipeline trough, the pay-off artificial cost, etc. Cable, pipeline trough and its installation in length for the quotation unit, namely yuan/meters, pay-off is artificial days for quotation, namely yuan/man-days. General valuation can be unified for the wiring length calculation, if they can only be calculated according to actual construction. High voltage cable specification is more, the market price change is bigger, so the big cross section of cable cloth in place by the party a in advance as much as possible. Low voltage cables, 8 core network line generally valued at $4 m/root, shielding soft wire general appraisal of 10 yuan/root meters, fiber optic general appraisal 6 yuan/meters. For optical fiber each end need other material cost (an increase of 280 yuan Welding, tail fiber, etc. ) 。 3, steel structure frame outdoor LED display cost cost construction of steel structure framework are: the reprocessing of steel material, steel material, welding, auxiliary material cost. Steel and materials of reprocessing offer to weight unit, namely yuan/ton, the welding is artificial days for quotation, namely, yuan/man-days. General valuation can be unified as the weight of the steel material valuation, namely yuan/ton. Steel material is in commonly 4500-5500 yuan/ton ( According to the market price adjustment) And processing in 600-1500 yuan/ton ( According to the reprocessing method adjustment) , welding general in 2000-3500 yuan/ton, artificial auxiliary material is controlled in 500 yuan/ton, such general steel structure construction in 7000-9500 yuan/ton ( Excluding reprocessing) 。 In the LED display project general framework weight can according to 0. 15 tons per square meter, if is post installation, cylinder according to 0. 4 tons/m estimation, double column will multiply. 4, and outside decoration engineering cost of outdoor LED display outside decoration engineering cost construction are: decorative materials, decorative artificial, auxiliary materials costs. Decorative materials, auxiliary materials offer is based on area unit, namely the yuan/square meters, adornment is artificial days for quotation, namely, yuan/man-days. General valuation can be unified into the area of the decorative material valuation, namely yuan/square meters. Aluminous model board adornment is in commonly 450-650 yuan/square meters. LED electronic display screen is like a hexahedron, as long as the calculation of all of its surface area minus display area is the decoration area, plus 15% of the loss of processing, to the final area.
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