Outdoor led display power consumption calculation

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-01
Outdoor LED advertising screen already occupies a very high proportion in the outdoor advertisement carrier. The glaring display advertising, shock is the effect of other advertising vehicles do not match. LED display is indeed a very environmental protection and energy saving products, but the larger structure is composed of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of LED lights, in the play of time is very long. So the energy consumption is also a big spending. Below is for everybody to introduce outdoor LED advertising screen, how to calculate power consumption. A, about the power of outdoor LED display size: the power of LED display in both peak and average, peak power is mainly refers to the startup of instantaneous voltage and current value and screen all white ( According to white) When the power, while the average power for power under normal use. Outdoor LED display in general, what is power? According to the different product model and manufacturer also is different, the full-color displays per square metre peak power 800 w - — 1500 w. Second, the power of the calculation methods of outdoor LED display: P represents the power, voltage U representative, I represents the current, we usually used in the power supply voltage is 5 v, the power supply is a 30 and 40 a; Monochromatic is 8 pieces of module 1 40 a power source, double color is 6 pieces of 1 a power supply module; The following will give you an example. Some unit to do 9 square meters of indoor P5 double color LED display in shanxi, calculate how much power. To work out a number of power = 9 (40 0. 244×0. 488). / 6 = 12. 5 = 13 power supply ( To integer to dawei standard) So simple, maximum power P = 13 x 40 a x 5 v = 2600 w. 1. Outdoor (LED display resolution requirements: Sit in the north) :比; 4000 CD/M2: indoor & gt; 800CD /平方米。 Half indoor: & gt; 2000CD /平方米。 2. Outdoor LED display power of three parameters: the resolution of the screen body of average power = screen body * per resolution lamp * 0. 1/2. The resolution of the screen of the maximum power = screen number * 0 * every resolution lamp. 1. The resolution of the screen of the actual power = screen number * 0 * every resolution lamp. 1 / scanning number ( 4, 2, 8, 16 swept static) 。 Above is about outdoor LED display power and calculation method of simple introduction, hope to be of help.
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