Outdoor LED display light up urumqi - success LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-07-04
Urumqi is the capital of the xinjiang uygur autonomous region, the important center city in northwest China and central Asia oriented international trade center. To is the political, economic, cultural, educational and transportation center. District covers an area of 14216. 3 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 7 district, 1 county, 2016 at the end of the resident population of 3. 55 million. Urumqi is Mongolian transliteration, meaning 'beautiful pasture,' former west Mongolia and undertake to the pastoral areas, namely conquer the junggar khanate late qianlong twenty years, builded station troops, determine the name. Recently in urumqi, xinjiang are in the process of building stone material trading center in the urban area. Need to install an LED outdoor display screen, through the understanding on the net, in numerous LED brand choice, has been successfully installed here P8 outdoor LED display. Thank you for the trust of the customers. The outdoor LED display pixel spacing of 8 mm USES the independent research and development production of high quality 3 in 1 LED lamp, 3535 CD/m2 brightness of up to 65, 00. Adopt international advanced point correction technology, through the screen color and brightness of the synchronous adjustment, make the screen body presents fine accurate color. Not only that, the screen is also the owner the brightness of the advanced processing technology. Brightness according to ambient brightness self-regulation, night brightness automatically save merchants products use electricity cost. Even in the face of the sun during the day can also clearly see clearly shown in the image. To create each exciting scene!
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