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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
LED display since there has been is valued for its energy-saving, environmental protection, the LED is synonymous with energy saving. Compared with the traditional lighting products, LED display energy advantage is quite obvious and outstanding. As the future of outdoor display advertising media to be bestowed favor on newly, outdoor LED display screen is widely used in financial, taxation, industry and commerce, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising, industrial enterprises, transportation, education system, station, wharf, airport, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, Banks, securities market, construction market, the auction house, industrial enterprise management and other public places. With media display, information release, induced traffic, creative display purposes. Jingzhou, called 'jiangling, hubei province, is the spring and autumn period and the warring states period chu capital city is located. On both sides, in the middle reach of Yangtze river is located in the central and southern hubei province, jianghan plain hinterland, the State Council released the first batch of 24 historical and cultural city China, one of China's excellent tourism city, national garden city, an important port city of the Yangtze river middle reaches, the important industrial base and the southern and central China light textile base, known as 'the Yangtze river economic strip waist,' said. Recently, through extensive understanding, customer choice in numerous LED brand, at present has been successfully installed in jingzhou p8 outdoor LED display, thanks to the trust of the customers. Outdoor full color LED display has been one of the company's main products, the company integrating scientific research, development, production, engineering, and has a high-quality scientific research team, committed to the development of the application in the field of photoelectric photoelectric products and services, is committed to provide customers with design, production, installation, maintenance, all-round integration solutions, effectively reduce the overall cost, thus to create more value for care. Company uphold integrity, social responsibility, provide excellent service, constant innovation, the core values of cultivating talent, commitment to provide great value products and services to the market, strictly comply with the relevant laws and regulations, is committed to become a customer trusted supplier, was recognized by many partners. Outdoor LED display, the choice is right!
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