Outdoor LED display light - shantou Dong Mingguang middle school success Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-07-04
Shantou is a major port city in China, the earliest open special economic zones, hercynian economic zone is an important part. Shantou port was opened to foreign trade in 1860, known as the 'ridge east portal, south China rush', 'beach turmoil, food of the township' reputation, enjoy China excellent tourist city investment environment, China's top cities, brand economy cities in China, the national intellectual property work demonstration city, national e-commerce pilot cities, the national demonstration city, the national information consumption etc, stationery production base in China. The project takes a seat in shantou Dong Mingguang middle school, the models for outdoor P8LED display screen. The display on the display of clarity, precision processing all the quality achieved good result. The product itself has led heat dissipation material, waterproof, moistureproof effect, coupled with the sole sunscreen technology is to let its execution. High brightness, no delay, high fidelity: outdoor LED display 8 mm point spacing using independent research and development production of high quality 3 in 1 LED lamp, 3535 CD/m2 brightness of up to 65, 00. Adopt international advanced point correction technology, through the screen color and brightness of the synchronous adjustment, make the screen body presents fine accurate color. In different batches of product order, the customer is the module can be calibrated to the same brightness and color. Customers can in the same display brightness and chromaticity, under the condition of different batches of product installation. In high contrast, high refresh rate, make the screen is like, without any delay phenomenon, very suitable for outdoor requirements. To create each exciting scene!
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