Outdoor LED display is the outdoor media darling - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
With high arrival rate and low cost advantage, outdoor media has become the most rapid growth in recent years, the advertising media. According to the survey, outdoor media is still maintained rapid growth trend. As outdoor media culture dote on LED display, is growing at more than 25% a year, become the mainstay of outdoor advertising is strong. So, what kind of outdoor LED display is the media's favorite, below we together to understand understand: 1, high brightness, outdoor environment requires higher brightness, especially the adjustable brightness. 2, high resolution, high resolution to make high quality advertising picture has the potential to show. 3, white balance, and the role of the original real picture color is white balance, directly influence the advertising effect. 4, high contrast, is one of the necessary conditions for high quality screen, or display high gray level will show not to come out. 5, high refresh rate, high screen refresh rate to get the camera, the camera without black line, color piece, such as defects, more stable. 6, high gray level, high gray level to make screen color uniform, image is more exquisite, with high resolution, can make screen display high quality images. 7, big Angle, covered with outdoor display screen viewing Angle, advertisers are hoping to see clearly and accurately to the original image, the pursuit of big Angle of view is the inevitable requirement. 8, uniformity, and it is also necessary for a good screen, depends on the quality of the light, screen design level and production technology level, calibration, installation, and other links.
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