Outdoor LED display is how to make

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-06
Solder 3. 一个。 The installation of plastic package 3 b. Plug lights put the different colors of leds in the PCB hole, constitute a pixel. Often said that the pixel spacing is the distance between the two lights, resolution is the number of lights per unit area. Diode is mainly silan, dalian road, the United States, the United States Cree, light lei, AXT, AOC; Shine knot standard R is generally 12 mell, G and B is 14 mell. Note: a. The direction of the light, not to the b is negative. Don't plant, less wrong plant c. D view the diode itself with and without problems. Solder a. Tin b machine. Check to see if there is a light c. Is there a virtual welding d. Corner cut e. Among individual down ( Facilitate welding drive back board) The above two general in the process of outsourcing has technical personnel will not be quantitative sampling results have exceptions should be a written corrective. 3. 一个。 The installation of plastic package a. Cutting board b. Will be hold up lamp plate and frame c. Note: good screw direction, number 3. 1B. A driver board. SMT b. Ribbon cable connector c. The power contact welding d. Capacitance of welding e. Light board and drive board welding a. Insert the drive plate light b in the plate. Good c tin wire welding. QC test 5. The school board. B with baffle are aligned. With fixed lampshade c. To detect a. Access to wiring, check to see if there is no bright lights b. Fixed a lamp plate. B screwed the spacer bars. Glue c. D cover chimney. The screw e. Set of epithelial circle ( An earthquake) Case a hit the shelves. Module is fixed on the box body, from the bottom up b. Top line, c. Circuit wiring, negative d is red and black. On the power cord, red blue green e corresponds to the positive and negative. Tie stuck note: a. Each module level b. Screw on the c. The direction of the ribbon cable d correctly. Wire of plus or minus e. Test, the computer debugging, aging, QC belong to normal delivery, if there is any abnormal performance according to both sides contract treaty.
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