Outdoor led display installation scenarios have?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-10
1. Street ads, outdoor advertising is one of the main battlefield of led display, and advertisers the attaches great importance to the audience the feeling of the original, with small spacing of led display, intelligent advertising machine products such as reference, can let the led display of advantages in the market. 2. Gas station, gas station has a wide advertisement and the audience area covered by a scale advantage and economic conditions, these conditions also destined to bring the marketing value of led display is bigger, also can to meet the needs of advertisers, can say, the next gas station led display will be one of the industry a great market prospect. 3. Community media, led display can be made by software platform in the center of the synchronous playback, can achieve a variety of commercial advertising, breaking time, weather information, news and so on life greatly bring convenience to the society, at the same time also can rise to the spread of think iaoguo, with the formation theory and the price of led display technology gradually decline, the application of led display in the community also gradually.
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