Outdoor LED display how to maintain long - to make its life more LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
There are a lot of things in our life and humble, but without it life would be very inconvenient, outdoor LED display is such a thing. Outdoor LED display USES a very wide range in our daily life, plays a very important role, LED long service life, high brightness, so being used by various industries, especially the big video we often see in the street, how maintenance to outdoor LED display to make it more long life? Below small make up take you take a look at: a, often, outdoor LED display screen in the outdoor work, must be under the influence of environmental humidity. If the humidity reaches a certain concentration, at this time if the outdoor LED display, electric, will lead to corrosion parts, causing permanent damage. So should pay attention to the outdoor LED display using the environment humidity, avoid by all means make heavy moisture into outdoor LED display. Clean LED display of time attention and dabbed as far as possible, to avoid damage to the screen. B, outdoor LED display should be in the environment of the dust less as far as possible, because of the large particles of dust into the LED display not only affect the display effect, even will damage the internal circuit. In addition if accidental water because it is over, please unplug the power immediately and contact maintenance personnel, until the screen display board dry before use. C, outdoor LED display operating sequence should be paid attention to when open and close, open the LED display before, should first open a computer, and open outdoor LED display; In the closure of the LED display, should close the outdoor LED display power supply first, and then shut down the computer. D, outdoor LED display screen for a long time exposed to outdoor, often multiple a variety of reasons, such as weathering, time grows, display show in addition to the dirty, can also affect the display effect. So in a timely manner to prevent the dust cleaning, do a good job cleaning maintenance is necessary. Outdoor LED display life is long, the LED life 100000 hours ( Ten years) Above, this parameter is generally refers to the design life, brightness dark also calculate; Perspective, stereo sense is strong, static, such as oil paintings, such as movies, interior perspective can be greater than 160 degrees, outdoor view can be greater than 120 degrees. High brightness, outdoor LED display brightness is more than 8000 MCD/m2, is currently the only can be used in outdoor all-weather large display terminal; The brightness of the indoor LED display greater than 2000 md/m2. Described above are some basic knowledge about outdoor LED display, we see our introduction, also on this aspect of the product have more understanding, if you have any questions about our product, welcome to make a phone call to come to consult, we will provide the best service for you.
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