Outdoor led display how should maintain

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-10
How to do a maintenance of outdoor led display to do your work, in addition to the environment, the air of moderate, factors such as weather, we also note that the installation of led display, to pay special attention to the led display, seismic and wind resistance bearing capacity, in order to have better survival ability and the ability to run in the outdoor, in addition to what we said before preparatory work, after the installation is complete, the display of the daily maintenance work also can't careless, specific maintenance matters needing attention are the following: 1. The power of the power supply is stable, earthing protection is normal. 2. Encountered strong disaster weather, you should cut off power supply in time, wait until the weather is normal again after turn on the power of the screen. 3. Especially it is important to note that the display is strictly forbidden water and combustible material into the inside of the screen, so as not to cause the occurrence of short circuit and fire equipment. 4. If the screen into the water, so need to shut off the power immediately and contact maintenance personnel to repair in time, until the screen display board dry to restart the use in the body. 5. Pay attention to the switch display order: if you want to open screen, let's open a computer, let it can normal operation procedure before open the led display. If you need to close the screen, the first thing we close the led display, and then shut down the computer.
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