Outdoor led display effect is what what is it made

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-26
The role of outdoor LED display: with computer for processing and control center, electronic screens and computer monitors ( VGA) Window point corresponds to one area, display content synchronization, real-time map screen is adjustable, easy to choose at random according to the size of the picture. Display bitmap using high brightness LED light-emitting tube ( Red, green double colors) , 256 grey level, change color combination 65536 kinds, color is rich, and support VGA24 a true color display mode. Equipped with graphic information and the three dimensional animation software, can play high quality graphic information and 3 d animation. Player software display information have cover, closed, open shade, color change, wait ten zoom in on a variety of forms. Use a special program editing software, through the keyboard, mouse, scanner, etc. Different input method editor, add, delete, and modify text, graphics, images, and other information. Outdoor LED display screen layout in control host or server hard disk, and broadcast sequence and time, realize the integration of alternation, and overlay each other. Outdoor screen composition: outdoor display system by computer special equipment, display screen and video input port and system software, etc. Computer and special equipment: computer and special equipment directly determines the function of the system, according to the different requirements of users on the system to select different types. Screen: the screen of the control circuit to receive signals from a computer display, drive the LED screen, and by increasing the power amplifier, speakers sound output. Video input ports: provide video input port, signal source can be a video recorder, VCD, camera, etc, support NTSC, PAL, S_Video etc.
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