Outdoor led display advertising advantage in where

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-29
As the change of time, our contact for advertising more and more, from the initial broadcast, to the present multimedia, more and more enterprises pay attention to advertising, outdoor led display advertising is become a new pet. Our advertising audience limitless memory space limitation and the spread of information, make the person's attention gradually become a scarce resource, outdoor advertising media has become a real mass media, its unique value. Outdoor advertising media with high arrival rate is low and the cost of one thousand two advantages, outdoor advertising media has become the most rapid growth in recent years of advertising, advertising media. So what's the specific advantage of outdoor led display? Outdoor large electronic display of the advantages of advertising: 1. It has broken the conventional print ads static bondage, give a person a visual sense, can better attract people's attention. 2. It broke the routines in the number of print advertising, generally can show a picture of the prints, and display the video you can loop for a day, number and a lot of 3 times. It can foil the strength of an enterprise. 4. It can become a landmark, significantly improve the LED display screen not only high brightness, contrast, bright colors, and can display dynamic picture and text, its active light hair, long distance high resolution, even in hundred metres away, visual effect like watching TV at home, has been widely used in many public places visitors, traffic arteries. Its function in addition to the outdoor advertising, still can release information, enrich people's cultural entertainment life, is the audience favorite information dissemination media, in Beijing, Shanghai, chongqing and other cities in our country has been popularized, and received very good results. With domestic famous outdoor advertising company focus media, mobile LED outdoor advertising market in succession, the LED display industry showing a new vitality. Led display product prices, of course, is also restricting the development of outdoor led display advertising an important factor, but we want to believe that with the continuous development of technology, increasing volume production of led display, led display industry will make greater progress.
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