Outdoor LED advertising screen installation should pay attention to some things

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-06
Outdoor LED advertising screen, widely used in outdoor advertising field in recent years, with its convenient maintenance, energy saving save electricity, operation is stable and reliable, long life and other advantages in many fields. Common outdoor LED advertising screen has various forms, but no matter which kind of, good color expressive force is a busy city scenery. Want to show the effect is good, installation and commissioning of link must strictly to control, in view of the technical construction personnel, understand the outdoor building, maintenance, advertising screen skills will strongly promote the businessman, information dissemination. In particular, outdoor billboards, LED electronic display equipped with field investigation, equipment construction, installation, debugging, using four links. First of all, we have to according to the actual situation of field investigation. In particular, is the outdoor LED display before the installation, should according to the specific environment, the scope of radiation, topography and geomorphology, bright enough to accept ability to tianjin new unified test parameters, such as, in order to ensure smooth installation of the billboard, requirements before the installation, operation must be carried out according to the lifting scheme of unified command staff, this equipment can be normal use, stable. Different situation, in order to take a more appropriate way. Secondly, according to the results of field survey and determine the specific plan, we will be for the equipment set up. For some outdoor LED billboards set, should distinguish to treat wall advertising screen, hanging type screen advertising panel and the roof of their building. Should be according to the actual installation, the height of distance, subsection hoisting crane and hoist, guarantee the above personnel to cooperate with each other at the same time, according to the operation of the LED advertising screen, there is a better installation process. Structures, process, the safety and the refinement operation is the first requirement. Again, build a complete, in order to achieve the best communication effect, we need to adjustment of the luminous radiation scope. Due to the different radiation range, LED display structures, Angle of view is different, according to the field to accept ability with you normal scope for outdoor LED display and fixed installation work, ensure that every point of view from a distance, can meet the normal, balanced image brightness, subtitles, large perspective with appropriate brightness, can get benefit maximization. Finally, in order to smooth delivery, we'll make a subsequent inspection maintenance. Follow-up tests, including many range, such as LED display waterproof, heat sink, LED waterproof coating, screen above the rain, on both sides of the cooling air, power supply lines and so on, the basic components of the stability of good graphic LED display. Later period maintenance is also very important, of course, we have to be unified management of maintenance for these parts, when you meet the product rust, instability and damage need to change in time, ensure the safety of the entire screen is used. Memorizing screens installed essentials, can more safely and quickly will the product be put into use, not only conducive to LED display company set up a good brand image in the market, to win customer trust, and conducive to the stability of the customer profitability and continuity, add more color to city life.
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