Outdoor full color LED waterproof and dustproof problem! Be sure to get up!

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Choose the outdoor electronic display advertising is a lot of enterprises, especially some sales as the main line of the main approach to marketing companies choose, outdoor display striking, involves the advantages of people widely is unmatched by other advertising channels. But the LED outdoor full color also has its own bottleneck, that is a waterproof problems for everyone. One, the use of advanced waterproof protection material of some regular outdoor display makers in respect of material selection is a big party, because they know these security, high-grade, advanced materials is the premise of normal operation of security products. The top on the market for outdoor full color LED waterproof materials are imported materials, the domestic material manufacturers are unable to overcome technical difficulties, make a breakthrough. Second, what is IP65 rating? Dust, how to do? In addition to the waterproof of dust is just a big technical problems, because these displays are generally installed outdoors, rain is not every day, and dirt does all exist. National standard of IP65 rating is outdoor full color LED a standard level, waterproof and dustproof and 6 here represents the dust and the today screen instructions data object, if the product display IP65 rating is the function of dust. Three, daily maintenance is the key of the waterproof and dustproof measures many enterprises after dropping the outdoor electronic display big advertising is easy to ignore the daily maintenance work, it is the responsibility of the producers may periodically review and maintenance of the enterprise, and some of the after-sales work more bad of the factory may also natural, which is blind to this point, so remind producers and using the enterprise must pay special attention to the daily maintenance work. About outdoor full color LED waterproof and dustproof problem is to introduce you to this, when be used to pay more attention, and let it play a better role. What are the main features of LED electronic display
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