Outdoor full color led industry development pattern

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
According to the market in the rapidly expanding scale, the entire industry profit benefit also in ascension, the rapid progress in all aspects, in the case of the overall market downturn, display market can be retrograde is very comforting. Then the current outdoor full color led industry development is what? 1, the domestic market, steady progress in the domestic market environment is good, so the outdoor full color led industry progress in the development of domestic stability, and has a very big room to improve, although the personage inside course of study thinks the current screen industry will face great integration, but the next few years, is the development of the fastest growing. Especially small spacing market is very hot, it is also a demand of big cities most of breakdown products, with the promotion of technology, in the future will develop a new market segment, the progress in space will continue to exist. 2, there are incremental in overseas markets. Although the international market downturn, but the domestic LED manufacturer is booming, with a certain price advantage, in the future overseas sales LED outdoor full color will gradually improve, have received many domestic manufacturers products on to overseas, also let the world see our LED products technology and strength. While there are some manufacturers try to fully open the international market, but there is some difficulty, where you want to look for the own incremental market, to find a breakthrough, convenient don't blindly expand overseas. 3, diversified development is still a major requirement. Domestic outdoor full color led industry has developed to the point of mature, how to continue to progress, is still an old saying goes, diversified development, the only product diversification service diversification, to find more market space in the competition. How to deal with the double color led display color difference of failure
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