Outdoor full-color LED display will have the performance?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-06
Full color outdoor LED display as a new era of outdoor media darling, thanks to the rapid development of outdoor advertising, it is at an annual rate of more than 25% growth, its true vivid visual experience with them, high brightness, long life. Excellent carrier makes full-color LED display, outdoor advertising. Especially in the commercial center of the city, crowded places, outdoor full-color LED display is everywhere. Because of the particularity environment, outdoor full-color LED display on the performance and quality requirements than other conventional LED display is much higher, so, in order to meet the requirements of outdoor display, outdoor full-color LED display exactly which elements to have? 1, high-resolution display outdoor full-color LED display as the main carrier of video advertisement, just need a high-definition display effect. Including the high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, high resolution to ensure the high quality of advertising images can present; High brightness, to ensure the direct sunlight can clearly show the picture; High contrast is the picture color is uniform and fine image. 2, low energy consumption outdoor full-color LED display must be corresponding government called on energy conservation and emissions reduction, in the manufacturing must take energy conservation and emissions reduction as an important standard execution, including power consumption of products, product scattering performance and install the required quantity of steel structure, etc. 3, the broad perspective on outdoor full-color LED display main task is to do publicity, advertising and image of the result, let more audience to see the picture is a priority for outdoor full-color LED display, with large Angle design, maximum range covers the viewing Angle. 4, high protection grade due to used in outdoor, so the weather conditions must be taken into account, outdoor full-color LED display typically reach IP67 degree of protection, to fully adapt to the bad weather, ensure the outdoor LED display has extremely strong weatherability, long-term use, guarantee the customer profit maximum. A good outdoor full-color LED display, must have a combination of the elements of the above four aspects, in addition to the outdoor advertising display solutions, as product advantage is not only relying on the hd display, low energy consumption, controllable adjust Angle, IP67 protection grade, etc, have their own demanding more fully, will not affect the architectural appearance of aesthetic design, outdoor advertising media to be in presented on its own.
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