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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
Outdoor full color LED display is the most widely application scope in the field of LED display of a product. It has been applied in outdoor media advertising, community publicity, building decoration, public service information display, traffic information guidance, stage performances, etc, is the darling of the outdoor advertising media. Although outdoor LED display market popularity is very high, but in terms of product maintenance, a lot of customers in these areas is lack of knowledge, small make up feel is necessary to popularize the outdoor full-color LED display maintenance knowledge, let below small make up to you, come on. A, full-color LED display switch order: first open control computer to normal after the operation, and open outdoor LED display; Close the outdoor full-color LED display, and then shut down the computer. Second, there is fracture or other damage on outdoor full-color LED display, should be replaced in a timely manner, special screws, pins, bearing beam, etc. 3, regular visit outdoor full-color LED display screen and steel structure welding point surface anticorrosion paint falls off phenomenon, such as peeling or rust should be timely spraying antirust paint or daub antirust cream. Four, full-color LED display power supply stability, and good grounding protection, under natural conditions, especially in strong thunder weather, don't use regularly to check the reliability of the lightning rod and earthing system. Five, in the rainy season, check the outdoor full-color LED display is the appropriate increase in frequency, to ensure that the screen without slack phenomenon. Six, regularly check the full-color LED display power supply and signal lines have broken skin or killed the phenomenon. Seven, full-color LED display, need to check once every six months the power distribution system. Eight, long time exposure to the outdoor environment of outdoor LED display is infected with dirt easily, can use alcohol to wipe, or use the dust brush, vacuum cleaners, but not directly with wet cloth to wipe. Nine, according to the full color LED display screen automatically default way start, stop, brightness adjustment and single function test program listing, etc. Ten, outdoor full-color LED display rest time should be greater than 2 hours a day, the rainy season to use at least once a week above; On the screen at least once a month, lit for more than 2 hours.
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