Outdoor full-color LED display in xian - successful installation Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-25
With high arrival rate and low cost advantage, outdoor media has become the most rapid growth in recent years, the advertising media. According to the survey, outdoor media is still maintained rapid growth trend. As more favor of LED display, outdoor media is growing at more than 25% a year, become the mainstay of outdoor advertising is strong. Recently, xi 'an outdoor full-color LED display lit up formally, this product is also one of outdoor display screen and advantage products sell like hot cakes. High quality products, the picture is clear, high refresh, high gray scale, standardization, etc. The high quality service system in xi 'an market gradually won the recognition of the broad masses of users, the r&d team through the exquisite technology, high attention to said. Outdoor full-color LED display, the picture is clear, heat dissipation, colour is abounded, can resist all kinds of bad weather, can also according to the different requirements of customers customized, it is also one of outdoor full color products sell like hot cakes. Outdoor LED display is the fist product, and we guarantee that screen display effect and display color uniformity of ultra-high, has obvious dustproof effect, USES the high quality chips, more grey scale, colour is more gentle natural, vivid colors of nature, impressive, no matter at the station, the outdoor square, airport, the real estate property, this product has been fully play, has always been the pursuit of perfect quality, gradually transform product, expect the products to meet customer demand. Outdoor products have high refresh, high intensity, high protection grade, stable performance is good, and it's advantage is waterproof outdoor performance is superior, the cooling effect is remarkable, is because of these advantages, it has received more and more attention of customers. In recent years, product constantly improve, our products to serve the praise from customers, we constantly research and development and the improvement of products, guarantee the product quality, the pursuit of the perfect solution, create greater value for customers.
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