Outdoor full-color LED display - how to choose Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
Generally speaking, in the selection of LED display, should be based on the characteristics of different kinds of LED display screen, combined with the actual needs of users, select the appropriate screen. Single from the perspective of the use of full-color LED display is the mainstream. Full color LED display because of its high brightness, color, all-weather work all has its irreplaceable advantage. What are the selection of the outdoor full-color LED display requirements: outdoor full-color LED display for the use of harsh, has higher demand to the quality, want to consider more factors also. In general, while selecting a full-color LED display, site condition, the use of purpose is the main factor. 1, outdoor screen orientation, viewing distance is also a selection of the first thing to consider when factors. The farther viewing distance, can choose to display the greater the spacing, but the requirement of luminance is also higher. 2, full-color LED display USES also determines the selection of the display screen. LED display pixels is with the corresponding area on the computer display pixels of one-to-one, under the condition of the display area is fixed, the pixel spacing of LED display, display effect is more exquisite, beautiful. 3, should choose normal manufacturer, quality assurance and reliable LED display. The same models different manufacturer may be more full-color LED display price difference. From the manufacturer to provide technical parameters is difficult to distinguish the difference. For example, display control chip manufacturers agree though, but low price LED because of its cost limit, can only use the low-end models chip manufacturer. In addition, the regular manufacturers, experience and technology on factors such as PCB, can better solve the heat dissipation, waterproof and so on. More pictures display trouble-free operation, smooth and fine.
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