Outdoor electronic advertising screen what matters need attention when installation?

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
In order to let the enterprise brand information for more market users to see, many enterprises will choose to do outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising is divided into a lot of kinds, is known to all, for example, posters, leaflets, electronic advertising, newspapers, and so on. That which if better propaganda effect of outdoor advertising promotion, it must be users is electronic advertising screen to put on the enterprise brand advertising. Recently many companies buy the advertising screen, but some problems appeared during the installation process, in order to avoid this kind of thing often, let wei source photoelectric professional told everybody, outdoor electronic advertising screen installation matters need attention. Companies to install security of outdoor electronic billboards, you first need to consider the installation position, the screen because of the advertisements are installed in the traffic and the traffic was much, so to think about what you choose to install location, will affect drivers' visual traffic, some advertising screen installation position is not reasonable, lead to direct light to drivers and pedestrians eyes, which can cause potential safety hazard, and people will screen enterprises produce bad impression for the AD. In the installation screen when lamps lighting the best advertising is right up illuminate, light can not have reflective, due to the city itself will be very dark now, so you don't need special bright lighting, just protect everyone can see. Electronic outdoor advertising screens installed a university asked, however, will not installed to the enterprise brand image, and installed in a good position, can ensure more people see the enterprise brand information, of course, want a better play advertising screen, when recommend purchasing advertising screen, looking for a famous led display factory in shenzhen to buy. Double color led display screen what are the advantages?
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