Other factors to consider those before buy LED display

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-31
We need to pay attention to the problem before buying LED display? First of all, we want to know where the Led display installation, ground surface and the size of the broadcast content. Considering these problems only good and supplier negotiation conditions. A. Bought LED display LED display installation environment where to install, is indoor, or half indoor? What is installed in the outdoor direction, is sitting in the north, or sits? You may find this sort of thing is very simple, buy back again! It's not. Different installation environment on the LED display brightness requirements are different, generally speaking, the LED display brightness requirements are as follows: 1. Indoor: & gt; 800 cd /锰。 Half indoor: & gt; 2000 cd / M23。 Outdoor ( Sit in the north) :比; 4000 cd / M24。 Outdoor ( Sits) :比; 8000 CD/M2 select installation location, well in advance is not only beneficial to us to choose the appropriate LED display, also can make the supplier for us to design the most appropriate scheme and display effect. 2. Installation site size before buying their first measure how to install screen, this is helpful to select screen size and their budgets. Generally speaking, considering the user site can allow the screen body area factors are: 1. Effective range and the relationship between the actual venue size; 2. Pixel size and resolution; 3. To the base unit area estimation; 4. Screen machinery installation and maintenance operation space; 5. Screen Angle on the influence of the distance. Broadcast content to play what content, with the LED display is text display, image display, or video display? Because different display content is different to the requirement of the LED display, in particular, can be divided into the following several aspects: 1. Text display: depending on the text size and determine demand; 2. Ordinary video display: 320 * 240 lattice; 3. Digital standard DVD shows: 640 * 480 or higher lattice; 4. A complete computer video: 800 x 600 or more lattice; So before buying LED display, we want to place the installation environment, installation of venue size, broadcast content several aspects such as the first consideration, so we choose more suitable LED display.
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