Mudanjiang malls and success in hand, perfect completion - 178 - square - meter outdoor full-color led display LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-21
Mudanjiang to carry out the 'industry' project promotion year working as an opportunity to zhuhai started a new round of project construction boom. Mudanjiang determine the modern service industry with a total of 28 key construction project, project total investment reached tens of billions of yuan, strive for in order to create demand, improve function, optimization services as the core. Mudanjiang malls positive response to a call for choice as a supplier, successfully installed 178 - square - meter outdoor full-color led display. The planned investment of 5 billion yuan of wanda plaza urban complex project starts smoothly this year, now going smoothly. The project covers an area of 18. 80000 square meters, construction area of nearly 700000 square meters, completed and put into use, can be in the citizen's residential conditions will be improved, prosperous trade service industry, people with colorful culture life, etc, play an active role, is expected to become another landmark, the city of 'bizarre magic scene, psychedelic unsurpassed singular journey, everything is under' 'full-color led display. In addition, by taking the implementation of 'preparation of winter', full attention to the funds for investment promotion and capital introduction, active to measures, such as recent relevant departments and enterprises to actively promote wuzhou international trade expo city, hu shang international logistics park, yifeng QiMaoCheng, wide transport hub international logistics center, a large number of business trade logistics industry projects, take the time to stag of agricultural and sideline products wholesale market, dongning yurun was Yang black fungus big markets upgraded, actively planning construction commodities exhibition trading center between China and Russia on the Russian cooperation projects. All this hint, led display the role in the city is more and more big, the bear city external mental outlook. Let's wait and see the following images for the scene to film!
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