Monochromatic led what role in general

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-19
With the development of the led screen, now there are many styles of electronic screen, of course, each type of led electronic display screen has its own characteristics and purposes, such as full color can be used as outdoor advertising screen, can also be used as a display screen, the stage background and today we are going to give you said is monochromatic led screen, so it can be in our life, have what effect? The following and see it together. A, information display as a display of information carrier, monochromatic led mainly at the airport, bus station and railway station are common, is used to show the passengers in recent time of flight and train information, including the departure time and arrival time, some still can show the rest of the votes, in order to convenient for passengers. Two driving, traffic information, prompt friend, for a single color led display believe is already very familiar with, it is often used in some high speed limit or limit, so the driver can know your speed at any time. In addition, in the mouth also use single color led screen, used to prompt the driver friend, which the mouth is open, which is no thoroughfare. Three, competition information features in some games, often need to show each team scores, that use the single color led screen, its moment can timely show arena points, so that everyone in the game, will be clear at a glance. As monochromatic led screen, of course, there are many other functions, but because it is monochrome, it is mainly used to display text, and some simple pattern, therefore, is mainly to display some reminder or as the carrier of information. This caused a lot of convenience to our life and travel. What is the Led monochrome screen? What are the use of places
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