McDonald's changed its name to 'golden arch', is still the '-' LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
Recently, McDonald's ( China) Co. , LTD. , on October 21, officially changed its name to 'golden arch', the image and the name of the ground, many netizens said a surprise, but to see the new name of McDonald's, also is just laughed. According to this style, then after 'pizza hut' is called 'little red riding hood', 'starbucks' is called 'the little mermaid', although the ground seems to have lost their unique style and unique connotation, is compromise, compromise in the Chinese market and Chinese popular culture. Have a name of the code and its actual kernel, so another name, how does it change the kernel and ascension? In the brand, content don't update or doesn't make sense. Talking and laughing is after dinner as a conversation. Such an era of rapid development in the 21st century, the pace of life of people are increasing all the time, seems to be just a little bit slow will be eliminated, so in this context, 'simple, convenient' become the focus of the people for most living link. Fast food, high iron and smart phones, is to cater to the needs of modern people, and as a representative of the fast food brand McDonald's nature is the same. McDonald's since enterprises in China has developed rapidly and soon the major provinces and cities in the country are the branches. Such a trend to replace traditional Chinese people the trend of the hotel, but in recent years, the company has spread the news of food safety issues, with the negative news, haven't properly solved. But McDonald's also influenced by a lot because of this thing. Now in order to cater to Chinese culture, even the name has changed. McDonald's renaming directly with golden m logo shape called 'golden arch', if according to this neglect specific cultural connotation of an enterprise in a way that is named after naming, wouldn't it be to literal translation for 'thenewcolormorning ( New, color, morning) ”? Too hasty! We are rejected. We have our own initiative and enterprise culture. 'Starcolor' is our trademark in foreign countries, English is a fusion with foreign culture, but is by no means compromise and sloppy. Starcolor which to us is a color display, each piece of led display, like colorful spark, light up our led display industry's future, translation has xin choi ( Star choi) Voa, that coincide with Chinese name. We will not lose yourself in the market of the long lost, we will always know their own positioning, purpose and responsibility. Have been in their faith, that is 'don't forget the beginner's mind'. Only remember, we don't shake not lax, to all over the world could have a good development space, as and in the country and maintain its own distinctive features, in response to market trends, will not remorse, excessive compromise. It is no matter how to change the name change. 'Beginner's mind, never forget to move on' is not just always remember that the faith of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and have been respected. '' name since the first day of the company set up not in change, in Africa, the americas and Europe, is forever, is from China. We use their growing and the strength of our company culture, Benedict line forever only do their characteristic. Only do oneself, can become a better myself. In order to let more people know, we are actively innovative, constantly to speed up the development pace, trying to get across to see color and light from China. To create each exciting scene!
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