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by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-18
LCD display driver IC driver IC is the main part of the display screen imaging system, is integrated with resistance, regulator, comparator and power transistors and other components, including LCD module and display subsystem, is responsible for the drive function such as display and control of drive current, two methods can be divided into static and dynamic drive. Internal self-built 256 external KHZRC oscillator 32 functional features. 768 KHZ crystals or 256 KHZ frequency input within 32 x 4 bit display ram can choose 1/2 or 1/3 of bias, and half, a third or a quarter 3 compared serial interface LCD display with a built-in LCD driver reference frequency signal source within the time available command control buzzer driving signal frequency operation can choose 2 KHZ or 4 KHZ data mode and command mode instruction is shutdown command can reduce the power consumption of r/w address automatically accumulate internal time base generator and the WDT watchdog timer three data access pattern base or WDT overflow output VLCD pin is used to adjust the LCD working voltage IC ( 1) Static display (ram ram) Structure is 32 x 4, stored data. The contents of the ram directly map into the content of the LCD driver. The data in ram can be read, write and read - 修改- - - - - - The write command to access. ( 2) System oscillator cms1 system clock is used to produce 621 time base/WDT circuit of clock, LCD driver clock and the frequency of buzzer. The clock can come from chip rc oscillator ( 256千赫) , crystal oscillator ( 32. 768千赫) Or set by s/w external clock 256 KHZ. ( 3) Time benchmark and watchdog timer base generator is composed, the increasing magnitude 8 counter is used to design and manufacture a precise time benchmark. The watchdog timer ( wdt) By 8 time base generator and a level 2 incrementing counter, in the condition of abnormal ( Unknown or don't want to jump, perform error, etc. ) To stop the host controller or other subsystem. ( 4) Buzzer output in cms1 621 provides a simple buzzer oscillator. Can provide a buzzer buzzer oscillator driven signal bz and __bz, used to produce a simple buzzer. Perform tone and tone 2 k 4 k command can produce two kinds of frequency, buzzer tone 4 k and tone 2 k command sets buzzer frequency of 4 KHZ and 2 KHZ, respectively buzzer driving signal can call tone on tone or off command to open or closed. ( 5) LCD driver cms1 621 is a 28 (1 32×4) Dot matrix LCD driver, it can drive 1/2 or 1/3 bias, 2, 3, or 4 com the LCD monitor, this feature makes cms1621 is suitable for a variety of LCD display. ( 6) Instruction format cms1621 can be set by s/w, set cms1621 and transmit LCD display data a total of two modes of instructions, command mode and data model respectively. Set of cms1621 called command mode, the id is 100, set up by the system command, the system frequency selective command, the structure of the LCD, buzzer frequency selection of command and operating command. ( 7) Interface cms1 621 has four lines need to interface. __cs initialize serial interface circuit and in between the main controller and the communication terminal. __cs to 1, the main controller and the cms1 data between 621 and the command have been banned and initialized. A: electronic co. , LTD. Company introduction: next electronic LCD module LCD word stock recommendations
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