Introduction to the full color LED display, information release function Full color LED screen - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-20
Full-color LE display picture is clear, uniform color, high brightness, using high brightness LED, is still clearly visible over a long distance. The effect is good; Using nonlinear correction technology, image more clear, administrative levels feeling stronger; Reliability: the distributed scan technology and modular design technology, higher reliability, stability; Display mode diversification: support for a variety of display mode; Easy to operate, using general video player software, make the system operation is very convenient. Full color LED display information release function: 1. Broadcast system with multimedia software, and broadcast a variety of flexible input information; Can play text messages, broadcast form can roll, roll, introduce derivation model, can move up, left, messages can be aired. Font, size, can be arbitrary choice, can be set playback speed, and multiple messages can be broadcast at the same time, or with animation, images broadcast at the same time; 2. Can display a variety of computer information, graphics, drawings, and second, the three dimensional animation, etc. , has the rich way, according to rolling information, notification, slogans, etc. , large capacity of storage data information; 3. There are many Chinese font and font to choose from, also can enter the English, French, German, Greek, Russian and Japanese and other foreign language; 4. To date, time, display or string, expression; 5. For national policies, regulations and service commitment declaration; 6. The weather forecast play; 7. Other public release of information.
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