Introduction - LED air box LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-26
With the continuous development of LED display industry and grow, LED display application is more and more widely, more and more needs of high-end packaging carrier, the traditional wooden and iron box packaging products exist poor mobility, loading and unloading inconvenience, environmental factors, such as, unable to meet the requirements of existing high-end products for packing carrier, then on the basis of the development of new generation - air box packing. The use of the flight case, the use and design of note: air box is mainly used for valuables storage and long-distance transportation, such as: performance equipment, precision instruments; Military products, LED display, LED color screen, LCD display packing and large export of equipment and other fields. A reasonable design of air box, besides can better protect the product, also can reach a reasonable design of air box, besides can better protect the product, also can to improve the grade of products, to decorate the effect of product appearance and simplified procedures. Chamber of different design and material, there are different ways to use. For example, should be placed according to the nuclear load weight of the box body design is less than the weight of the goods, general aviation box should be in normal temperature and normal transportation under the condition of use; Bearing overweight or if you have special requirements, must be used in high temperature and high humidity environment, please will be asked to indicate when the design, the designer will use different materials, according to the corresponding data has to ensure that the air box under the environment of the weight, the normal use of the characteristics of the life span of the LED aviation box: 1, LED air box surface material and color can choose according to the requirements. 2, usually need to open mold, traditional packing LED air box was relieved from the mold fee, according to the customer request custom specifications. 3, LED air tank with internal shock cushioning materials, can effectively protect the LED display is not affected by the impact. 4, LED air box can be installed castor, the maneuverability is strong, flexible, strong sealing. 5, LED air box can according to customer request custom specifications, etc.
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