Introduces the composition of rental LED display material - LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-27
Rental LED display stage effect of diversification, differentiation, are widely used in stage background LED display. In order to let people better understand the stage with the LED display ( The industry known as rental screen) , the detail LED rental screen material composition for everyone. Rental led full color are: led display module, led rental housing, led special power supply series, led the power cord, wire, all kinds of screws, led control system, aviation, aviation plug box material composition and so on. 1. Rental led display screen is generally include housing, module, power supply, connecting wire, etc. 2. Computer: fixed installation is commonly use desktop computer, leasing of commonly used laptop and external sending CARDS used; 3. Led controller system: general screen is not too big is only 1 sending card, receiving card is according to the screen of the long and high practical calculation, we will give a proper quantity to ensure that the display effect and the cost of 4. Power distribution cabinet: not to keen on gaining petty advantages itself in the hardware configuration, it is not very professional, once will do great influence on the life of the screen and normal use, we recommend that customers looking for professional manufacturers to buy, or bought by us. 5. Video processor: general fixed installation is not very frequent small screen if the information is updated, don't do live can need not, if it is domestic or purchase is needed to do live; 6. Multi-function card: parameters such as temperature, humidity, brightness, brightness can realize automatic adjustment, and other functions. Advising clients to configuration; 7. Buying power amplifier and sound: according to the installation environment, the need of indoor waterproofing, customers can buy their own, but we also provide together; 8. Primary connection wire: power will mainly take the electricity to power distribution cabinets, power distribution cabinet to the screen of the cable, and the main control computer to the main screen of the communication line, these are usually prepared by the customer. Other screen wire are supplied by us. 9. Steel structure: we provide full color led display CAD reference design drawings, the client may in local production, also can be produced by our company contract; 10. Cooling device: general indoor special cooling device are generally not required in a conventional environment, indoor generally to equipped with air conditioning, axial flow fan cooling, in order to improve the display stability and longevity.
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