Interpretation of the LED display tail goods and solutions

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-03-30
Current of the LED display application is very extensive, the social demand for it is growing, yet in LED display s quantitative production, due to the LED display has the characteristics of customization and differentiation, whether it is given priority to with engineering custom pattern LED display of enterprise or LED display distributor in wholesale unit mode, always there will be a different number of goods, such as tail lights, tail plate and tail box, etc. When faced with this situation, the enterprise how to deal with these goods. First of all, the powerful giant colour on the LED display for you tail goods produced basically has the following five factors. The first big factors: is determined by the characteristics of LED lamp bead. Enterprise in production due to different batches of LED lamp bead with brightness, wavelength and Angle difference, but the pursuit of high quality, the same piece of screen is generally choose the same batch of LED lights. Therefore, as long as the current batch of unused raw materials can produce the tail goods. The second big factor: exhibits or sample. Due to items or samples tend to represent the company's latest research and development level, it has the characteristics of less number and updated quickly, companies once have new products or samples, these items or sample also became the tail goods. The third factor: spare parts form the tail goods. Both projects and wholesale unit board, will be allowed a certain amount of spare lamp or spare module. If the LED display the uncertainty of the fault rate and spare parts might form the tail goods. Fourth largest factor: changing customer needs. Due to some of the LED display project, after the signing of the contract, procurement of raw materials and production enterprises according to the contract, and once customers during this period change, the contract quantity to increase or decrease will produce different degree of tail goods. 5 main factors: the customer returns. Some LED display project after the installation is complete, may be due to quality failure, do not meet the requirements of customers, there will be a return, return the LED display is likely to be recycled, which will inevitably produce the tail goods. Secondly, produce the LED display tail goods after how to solve it. Display the emergence of tail cargo has plagued many LED display business, if the tail goods can not be handled in time, not only occupy space piled all the year round, and can lead to a waste of money, and will be with the passage of time may become worthless. Although lead to tail goods in addition to the above five main factors, there are many other factors, but their approach is the same, but the most common solution is: 1, the price sold to the customer request is not high. 2, to sell some special recycling collection of LED display. But actually no matter in what way to deal with, apparently did not play the tail cargo maximum value, will certainly to cause the waste of precious resources. Therefore, this requires we companies need to do anything to end laws dealing with maximum value.
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