Install the LED display which elements - for engineers to grasp LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-22
LED display through these years of development, now has reached a very mature industry, widely used in the field. LED is one of the most key of LED display devices, equivalent to a computer's CPU. So at the time of installation of the LED display the engineers must be good grasp of the technology control need to know what technology? See the following content: the first: first the early exploration is more important, according to the construction site conditions was carried out on the screen design, installation of the scene and screen the reasonable combination is the first step on the LED display installation process. The second: they are steel frame design, usually 3 - after the signing of the contract Within five days, the LED display installation engineers will be according to the actual conditions and the actual situation of LED display design of steel structure to the contractor, the contractor can get the steel structure drawings ( CAD drawing) Later, according to the drawings to buy related materials, steel structure production and plan. Third: is the screen body power and distribution facilities, at the early stages of the installation must be on the screen body how big power usage and configuration of the power distribution cabinet for prophase planning, LED display manufacturers will be calculated according to the actual situation of the screen body actual electricity consumption, to cooperate with quality. Fourth: LED display installation, customer may know about steel structure construction, general go line of LED display, joining together don't know too much, so generally speaking, under the guidance of professional engineers, and need each other the final screen gymnastics in to know more about the screen body. Fifth: screen debugging: after installation, need the LED factory technicians to screen the whole measure to control of electricity, even on the computer screen. Sixth: screen repair: LED screen in the debug, may appear occasionally, a set of LED module has the damage situation, at this moment need engineer on-site maintenance, spare parts or replacement. Seven: LED display technology training: in the process of screen production customers can send someone to LED display manufacturer of LED display screen, simple operation spare parts replacement technology.
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