inside singapore airlines’ new 787-10 dreamliner featuring luxury interiors, fully reclinable seats and 18-inch touchscreen monitors

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-06-01
Look at Singapore Airlines\'s new 787-
Full reclinable seat and 18-10 dream aircraft
Touch screen display.
Every inch of the plane has plenty of space inside, decorating sports cars and superyachts with luxurious materials.
Amazing £ 0. 229 billion ($326million)
The Boeing aircraft is described as a \"grand project \".
On April 3, Lucky passengers traveling from Singapore Changi Airport Center to Bangkok, Thailand were the first to enjoy the luxury craft. The all-
On this plane, the important window seat row may have become the past, because all passengers, regardless of the seat position, can enjoy the view of the window, which is the largest in all crafts.
The window is about 30 larger than the window on the normal plane, and just press the button and the window will dim.
The seat is staggered at 1-2-
The arrangement of business class gives all customers enough relaxation space to enter the aisle directly.
Each with a high
Define touch screen displays, power options close to mobile phones and laptops, and compartments for storing small items including wallets.
Not only do passengers feel comfortable, but they will not hear the roaring engine, as the Dreamliner is designed to provide a \"calm cabin experience \".
Jet air conditioning and advanced technology mean to isolate noise vibration on its side walls and ceilings, thus reducing engine noise.
Singapore Airlines claims that business class seats are also equipped with Alacantra, the same materials as luxury sports cars and yachts.
Economy class is arranged in 3-3-
3 layout with the same power options range and high
Define the touch screen.
This luxury jet is 787 more than this one-8 Boeing.
Boeing claims that compared with other aircraft of similar size, it uses 25 per cent less fuel per passenger and is 10 per cent more fuel efficient than its competitors.
In March 25, Singapore Airlines received the first Dreamliner directly from Boeing\'s production plant in South Carolina.
After the delivery of the first jet, CEO Goh Choon Phong said: \"We are honored to be the first airline in the world to deliver this amazing aircraft. \"The 787-
It is indeed a magnificent project, a real work of art.
\"This will be an important factor in our overall growth strategy, enabling us to expand our network and strengthen our operations.
\"The first delivery of 787 --
10 highlighting our long-standing commitment to operating a modern fleet marks the beginning of a new chapter in our shared story with Boeing.
\"It is said that the aircraft will provide services for mid-range flights within 8 hours.
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